O meni

Moje Poslanstvo: Vzpodbujanje osebnega in profesionalnega razvoja.

Moja Vizija: Svet v katerem ljudje počnejo kar jih najbolj veseli s sočutjem do sebe in drugih.

Moja Misija: Pomagati ljudem do novega učenja o sebi, dobrega počutja in rezultatov.


Še malo več o meni.. ta del je vedno v nastajanju…

The path of curiosity and learning is an everyday  transformation for me. Coming from a mechanical engineering background working in automotive research and development, designing state of the art products  and developing new concepts that are changing the industry, I realized, that it is the Human Potential, the Inner Vision, Motivation, Creativity, Peace and the Right Communication and Cooperation that leads the way to Success and personal Fulfillment, hence increasing my already strong interest in practical human R&D and paving the way for my  Passion.

This interest in Inner Engineering and a combination of high ambition, analytical thinking, attention to detail, introversion, perseverance and some extreme chaos in my mind manifested in a life changing moment of realizing the impact of my own thoughts on my feelings, behavior and my results showing as my life circumstances.

That moment has been a catalyst for a change in my perspective, changing from outside blame and being a victim to inner responsibility and creating my own choices, which made possible a new beginning in my life with more awareness, choice and meaning.

The inner shift felt like going from being a structured clumsy robot to becoming a butterfly.

My transformation has not been an overnight shift. With a new perspective and new possibilities I got a different view on alternative healing methods and came into contact with self-help tools. I have been systematically focusing on my practice of Vipassana meditation, Holotropic Breathwork, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and other well known methods for deep personal exploration since 2012 to make my life more peaceful, effective and compassionate.

That focus has lead me to the Need to Share my experiences and my human Knowledge with other people, helping them uncover new Possibilities that are available with a different Point of View and an Expanded Awareness of their Inner world.

Change and transformation, adaptability, lightness of being

I am working today as a Transformational Life Coach, helping people and organizations expand their Human Potential to improve their experience of life and their results.

In my spare time i like to play sports, read, write, paint, race rc cars, trade.

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