Upočasni svoj ritem, sprosti um in telo, zazri se in občuti besede in barve.
Slow down, relax your body and your mind, gaze and feel the words and the colors.
 Olje na platnu, Birthday, 50x70cm, 2018.
Oil on canvas, Lighthouse, 30x40cm, 2018.

Safety of the shore

Fear of the unknown

An illusion fading away

oil on canvas, 1x1m, Dissolution, 2017.
Energy moving
Connection of oneness
through expression
olje na platnu, 1x1m, Brez imena, 2016.




olje na platnu, 30x30cm, The blue tree, 2012.


A picture coming from inside is just a picture. A word. Representing nothing. Its just a part. Impermanent. Coming and going. Paradox. Duality. Feel the unknown and what is behind it 🙂 ? Look beyond, look through. Love Peace and Happiness.

olje na platnu, 30x30cm, What is behind the unknown?, 2015.


Left brain vs right brain

olje na platnu, 1x1m, The bridge of (no return) decision, 2016.



Speed Power Beauty

olje na platnu, 20x20cm, The Boss, 2016.


Creating from within requires nothing. There is no feeling of doing or thinking. Its just happening, canvas, brush, paint and movement. The result doesnt matter, because i dont know what it will be untill i feel it is done. Below are my feelings on canvas. Drawing was done after a HB session in Burg Schlaining in Austria and the paint was laid after a NLP workshop in Ljubljana. The painting started out as a horizontal pencil drawing of lines and shapes.

olje na platnu, 60x80cm, The universe in the flower, 2014.


When the good is conscious everything starts to change

olje na platnu, 30x30cm, Awakening, 2012.